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New Blog From One of Our Catering Blogger


Here is our latest blog entry from the amazing Culinary Crafts company, check it out for great tips on picking the right caterer.



Unique Ideas For Wedding in 2014


Here is a link for one of Dance Bands latest blog posts that is full of new and unique ideas for weddings in the new year.  The ideas range from break-a-part weddiing bouquets to inspirations about how to dress up the asile you'll walk down on the big day!



News for New Brides and Vendors

There is no doubt that new brides are busy planning for their big day but if you happen to be planing a wedding yourself or if you are a vendor for wedding planning yourself, there are a couple of new things you will want to bear in mind.

The Bridal Extravaganza is coming up this April!  The Extravaganza will be held at the Southtowne Exposition Center on April the 5th.  To register as a bride or vendor simply visit their site http://www.utahbridalshows.com/

The extravaganza will give you an opportunity to see or showcase wedding vendors in one condensed visit.  Brides are able to roam the aisles of information and see anything from photographers to caterers and everything between and beyond.  One such vendor that will be at the extravaganza is La Caille, who by the way is holding their own extravaganza this year, July 19th!

The La Caille Bridal Show is going to be a wedding event to remember.  Utah brides looking for ideas cant miss out on this amazing opportunity.  Not only will brides and vendors get to mingle, there will also be hors d'oeurves, entertainmenta and a number of gifts (one lucky couple will win a $100,000 dream wedding giveaway).  La Caille has recently been taken under new management and has revamped their look, employement, and menu so this is a good opportunity to finally see the new look as well.


Time for a website makeover

Hey.  If you have been around a while, you will notice that Utah Wedding Services has gone through a bit of a makeover.  A new look and feel, updated information and best of all, we are now a free service.  We got a bit sick of all the sites that are just filled with vendor ads that they pay for so we figured, hey, we have been around the block in the Utah wedding industry, let's just provide a great service to brides and recomend and review the vendors we know do a great job.

Who is "we" you might ask?

"We" is Utah Live Bands.  A multi-year best of state winner that provides the best wedding bands and DJs Utah has to offer and some of the best wedding bands in the entire country.  Don't believe us?  Check out our website at www.UtahLiveBands.com

Anyway, feel free to browse the site and PLEASE, check out our new addition: Contributing bloggers.  We asked some of the best and most experienced wedding vendors in Utah (that we love working with) to join our teem.  You will be treated to a monthly blog post from each of them with tips and ideas for a successful wedding.  They are here to help.  You won't find better advice anywhere.

Enjoy and congratulations on your wonderfull wedding experience.

Michael Tobian

Owner/CEO of Utah Live Bands, DanceBands.com and Utah Wedding Services


Chosing a wedding band

One of the most difficult tasks in planning your Utah wedding is in choosing your wedding band.  When your guests are on their way home, the thing they will be talking about is how awesome (or how awful) the band was.   A great band will keep your guests dancing and having a good time all night long.  There are many options out there.  Some do a fine job.  Others..... well, don't.  There are four main things that separate a great wedding band from a terrible one.  They are as follows:

1- Song Pacing - If a band can't keep people dancing, it feels like a waist of time and money and you end up embarrassed at the lame party you are throwing.  A great wedding band will move quickly between each song so people keep dancing.  If there is space longer than about 10 seconds in-between songs, people feel awkward and walk away.  A really great band (such as the Groove Merchants or the Bandits) will actually sequence their tunes so one tune moves right into another.

2- Experience - Great wedding bands consist of the best players and entertainers around and are made of career musicians, not people who are performing as a hobby.  You want a band that will take things seriously. Experienced bands will play music that they know people will dance to and will keep the volume at the appropriate level.

3- A Great Look and Feel - Make sure the band you are hiring has good audio files and preferably some video footage.  A great band is visual as well as aural.

4- Familiarity With What is Going On - When you speak with the band leader or booking agent, pay attention to the answers they are giving you.  Are they familiar with the venue?  Have they been doing this for a long time or are they just a bar band that is trying to get into the wedding business (not the same thing)?  When you ask questions, do they know the answers?  Do they seem confident in what they are doing?

Finally, go with your gut.  Does the band look like they know what they are doing?  Does the company you are working with have the credentials and experience to make you comfortable?  Do you feel like you are working with professionals or a mom and pop operation?  Are their promotional materials professional looking?  Your gut will be your best indicator.  Have fun!

This article was written by Michael Tobian, owner of Utah Live Bands.  Utah Live Bands offers the very best event bands in Utah and the surrounding states.  They have won the Best of State Award for Utah and are a preferred vendor with the Salt Lake City Visitors and Convention Bureau as well as many many other venues and wedding businesses.